Keywords Analysis Package

Keywords Analysis Package

Long Tail Keywords Package

I have been in the SEO business for a few of years now. During these years, I saw many trends coming and then disappear. 5 years ago, article submission and directory submission were the hottest SEO activities at the time. But 5 years have lapsed and are article submission and directory submission still works?

Ah ha, I get your attention now, didn’t I? Nowadays, directory submission is not effective anymore but article submission still works and it will work for many years to come for one and only one reason. People are seeking for information all the time.

Article submission has come a long way in these 5 years. 5 years ago, you will rank high for any keywords you have submitted to the top 5 article directories and your keywords will rank high on the Google search engine results. Nowadays, you still can use the same tactic to rank high on the Google search engine results. You article can be published in article directories, web2.0 blog service, press release & RSS directories.

Let me tell you a secret about my service. I have customers who got good results using my SEO service and I have got customers who do not have any results using my SEO service. What is the different between success and failure?

Long Tail Keywords

The only difference is some of my customers target the wrong keywords, keywords that have no traffic or overly high in competitions. The keywords you should be focusing on now are long tail keywords with certain criteria. I will tell you what criteria you should be looking for when you try to rank for keywords.

You probably have seen many SEO gurus showing you they rank on long tail keywords like a breeze and yet when you do it yourself, your keywords is no where to be found on the Google search engine results.

I tell you something that will make you weep like a new born baby, you have been con big time. There goes your hard earned money. Many SEO gurus rank high on keywords that nobody is searching for. Keywords that is not natural to the users, and the keywords that do not have natural traffics. For example, a SEO guru will show that he successfully rank #1 on the keyword “business card best design software”.

The fact is the keyword is rank #1 on Google search engine results but seriously, who care. Ask yourself, will you search for “business card best design software” when you want to design a business card for yourself? So, it is not a natural keyword that people will search in the first place.

Let me tell you the truth, you can also rank high with the same keyword if you were to write an article on “business card best design software”. But, what is the point? Ranking high on a keyword that no one is searching for. Even if you rank number 1, you will not get traffic from Google. It is a gimmick to con you because the gurus have not showed you if the keywords they rank has any competitions and how many natural searches on the keywords.

Let me tell you from my SEO experience. Some statistic figures that you will never ever get from any Internet Gurus. Currently as we speak, out of the 1000 keywords provided by any keywords research tool, you will find about 5 keywords with 1000-2000 month natural search volume that you can rank high easily. That is 0.5% of Golden Keywords as I call it because it is easy to rank.

Golden Keywords

As much as the competitions appear to be intense in any niche, there are still plenty of rooms for your sites to rank high in the search engine. The fact is, new keywords with natural traffics come into the scene every month. And on average, every niche has 5000-8000 long tail keywords in the search engine database. Now you see the potential? If your niche has 5000 keywords, you will have 25 Golden keywords with natural traffics that you can potentially get from search engine.

Let’s do some math here. 5000 keywords with 0.5% of Golden keywords, you will get 25 Golden keywords. That is an average niche. Every Golden keyword will have about 1200 natural search engine traffic per month. That is 25 x 1500 = 37,500 unique people searching for the 25 Golden keywords.

If you can rank 50% of the Golden keywords to the #1 position on Google, you will get about 18,750 unique people search on your keywords. Still not bad! I will be lying to you if I tell you that you will get all the 18,750 unique visitors. Being on the #1 position will only get you 50% of the traffic which is 9,375. This is the monthly traffic you will likely to get.

Ah ha. How much money you will earn? That will depend on your conversion rate and product price. Let’s do some number crunching again.

9,375 unique visitors with 1% conversion rate, that means you have 94 customers per month. If you product makes you $25 of profit a pop, $2,350 of profit. If your product makes you $50, that is $4,700. You can crunch the number anyway you like. Even with adsense, you can conservatively make $500 above every month and that is $6,000 of passive income every year for one website. Not bad.

The reality is, if you focus on the wrong keywords, everything else will be wrong. It is a domino effect. The wrong keyword leads to the wrong article, which in turn leads to uneventful SEO campaign.

The sad story is, digging the right keywords in haystack is hard. 5000 keywords analysis will take 3-5 hours depending on how busy the server is and the internet connection at the time of doing keyword research. Therefore, it may not be worth your time to do your own research. If your hourly income is less than $10, you probably should do your own research. But if your hourly income is more than $10, you should outsource the keyword research and focus on activities that produce even more income on an hourly basis.

To minimize your workload, we have a few keyword research packages that you may want to consider.

Keywords Analysis Package

Keyword Research Package, $25/1,000 of keyword analysis. Only need a few of your root niche keywords and we will do the rest. Buy 4 free 1. Download keyword analysis sample here.

Easy Keywords
Less than 50,000 of competitors with a month search volume of 1,000-2,500 / keyword
*Need about 10-100 backlinks to rank for 1 keyword

Realistic Keywords
Less than 250,000 of competitors with a month search volume of 2,500-5,000 / keyword
*Need about 100-250 backlinks to rank for 1 keyword

Dream Keywords
Less than 500,000 of competitors with a month search volume of 5,000-10,000 / keyword
*Need about 200-500 backlinks to rank for 1 keyword

Crazy Keywords
Less than 1,000,000 of competitors with a monthly search volume of 10,000-20,000 / Keyword
*Need about 500-1,000 backlinks to rank for 1 keyword
**Need about 10-100 multimedia links

Extreme Keywords
Less than 5,000,000 of competitors with a monthly search volume of 20,000-40,000 / Keyword
*Need about 500-1,000 backlinks to rank for 1 keyword
**Need about 100-500 multimedia links

Impossible Keywords
More than 5,000,000 of competitors with a monthly search volume of 40,000 and above / Keyword
*Need about 500-1,000 backlinks to rank for 1 keyword
**Need about 500 and above multimedia links

*These numbers are only general guide. There is no guarantee that you will achieve the desire results.
**Multimedia links are links from image (ie, flickr) and video (ie, youtube) sites


On average, the analysis will find 6 Phrase Match Keywords per 1,000 of keyword analysis. Phrase Match can identify 5% of long tail high traffic keywords.

On average, the analysis will find 3 Exact Match Keywords per 1,000 of keyword analysis. Exact Match can identify 2.5% of long tail high traffic keywords.

For enquiry, please email me,

The right Keyword research, with the right SEO campaign, and the right pricing strategy will surely produce the desirable results for you.

Keyword Research & Analysis Package

Get the right keywords to drive massive traffic to your website.

Unfold the Best Keywords to Make You Sales | Analysis by Keyword Expert Softwares | Includes Search Volume Data | Maximize Your traffic Potential

Keyword Research & Analysis Package, $25/1,000 of keyword analysis. Only need 1-3 root niche keywords and we will generate thousands of keywords and analyze the keywords. Buy 4 free 1. Above 10,000 of keywords, $12/1,000 analysis. Download keyword analysis sample & more info here.


Special Discount for Muneeb’s customers, $20/1,000 keyword analysis +

First 10 to buy this service get the “Buy 1 Free 1″ Promotion. That means you get 2,000 keyword analyzed for $20.


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