ALNBot January 2012 Update

Thank you for all your support and interest in my ALNbot. Although this a not a high traffic website, I do get people asking me about the ALNBot from time to time.

A lot has changed since I develop this ALNbot. So, I would like to update on the status of the ALNBot here.

1. ALN is no longer a free network. It is a charged network now. And I have lost interests once I they did that. I am now creating my own free blog network.

2. ALN has added scheduling and youtube video support to its system. It is a good that they have done it.  But more features mean more input fields. Quick some people has asked me to update my ALNBot to reflect the update.

3. Problem with UBOT3. The ALNBot was created using UBOT3 and it was buggy like hell. It is not able to retrieve a big file like Vitavee’s Ultra Spin Article. That is very frustrating.

4. UBOT3 is out of the questions, but UBOT4 maybe a better solution. However, I have not got the extra cash to upgrade the UBOT4 Pro version. Therefore, if you want an upgrade, you will have to fund me to get UBOT4. Once I have UBOT4, I can upgrade and create a better version of the ALNBot.

If you have any question, please contact me via the contact us tab on the top of the webpage.

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